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  • The Joy of Playing Boom Beach

    27 August 2015 ( #game, #ios, #android, #video, #tech, #boom beach, #supercell )

    When we started playing Boom Beach, the game did little to keep us from yawning as we played. "Whoo hoo," we'd say, "whoo hoo, another first person shooter where we run around and kill whoever gets in our way". We said that sarcastically, of course, because...

  • Xtreme Sports - Let it BEGIN

    27 August 2015 ( #video games, #mobile, #free, #download )

    Visual Concepts think it's soooooo coooool, just cause it's able to make a game that has one sport, like basketball or football. Well, IN YOUR FACE! Innerloop has just released a game that has six -- count 'em -- different events stuffed into one single...